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Best Hearthstone Tips and Tools Guide

Improve at Hearthstone With This One Tool

Playing Ranked Hearthstone can be a bit frustrating at times, it feel like you’re getting dealt the worst possible hand every single time while they get their entire combo and just steam roll you.
Today I will show you a helpful tool to helping you keep track of whats going on with every card you play, and your opponent. It can drastically minimize the chances of getting dealt bad hands as well as getting a feel as to what your opponent may be having up their sleeve.
What is this tool you may ask? Keep reading!

hearthstone deck tracker

The Hearthstone Deck Tracker is by far the most advanced deck tracking tool available. It can track the cards you’ve played as well as the cards of your opponent and give statistics and odds of certain outcomes.
The set up is easy too, you just download the zip file here: just grab the latest zip version and extract it once downloaded.
(Please make sure to NOT accidentally click download on a pop-up!)
Open the extracted folder, and run the Hearthstone Deck Tracker.exe as Admin

file instructions for hearthsone deck tracker

Afterward you just need to restart your Hearthstone and proceed to click the Play Button!
The program will gather your decks and the set up should be finished. To use just start up a game of normals or ranked or arena if you so choose.

hearthstone cards and tool

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