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Hearthstone Farming (VM Guide)

Farm Hearthstone Rewards

Hey guys, today I’m going to show you how to run multiple different Hearthstone accounts at once!
For clarification you CANNOT log in on the same account on the same region (You can’t have your same account on NA for double ladder farming, it would be weird to see two of you on ladder in the same region), however you should be able to have a separate account on the same region (say i use account dog1, and account dog2 to go on NA as opposed to dog1 and dog1). You should also be able to one account per every region, so dog1 na, dog1 eu and dog1 asia should work.
If the game is closing out before every time you load a new Hearthstone (or is grayed out) it may be that you located the wrong file or something else it wonky.
— This method works for using a single account on multiple servers (NA, EU and Asia)
Step 1: Locate your hearthstone (should be something like C:Program Files (x86)Hearthstone)Step 2: Right Click, go to properties, under properties go to compatibilityStep 3: Run in compatibility mode for Windows XP Service Pack 2Step 4: Apply, and you are ready to go!Step ?: To change region it is right above the play button!
Now a lot of people want to play on multiple accounts at once, the method for doing that is to:
Step 1: Go to your clientStep 2: Go to settingsStep 3: Under general, allow multiple instances of (make sure it’s checked

battle net options

*Something to note is that you can only play 1 account per region at a time (so you can’t have your main account on NA 3 times)
But overall it’s pretty simple to multibox – I would suggest only running 2 at once because it gets a bit tricky with 3 or more instances (but who am I to tell you what to do :D). The most useful application I could see for multiple instances is either uber arena farming or testing decks.
Have fun!
PS: This trick is only confirmed to work on Windows PCs

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