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Appear Offline Mod Tool Guide Working S7 (2017)

How To Appear Offline In LOL

Working Appear Offline Trick for 2017! Here’s a nifty league of legends mod to get your persistent friends off your back for a bit. Sometimes you just want to play ranked solo while keeping your friendship un-tarnished, and this is the perfect little tool for that.
First Download the tool here:
(Make sure to NOT accidentally click download on any pop-ups!)

instructions to appear offline

Open the Extracted Folder and Run as Admin

rightclick and run as admin to appear offline

Next click browse and find your lol.launcher.exe in the Riot GamesLeague of Legends folder.

appear offline mod being extracted

After that you just click Toggle status

league appear offline software

And wait for the Appeared Offline message!

appear offline success message

And viola! Enjoy your peace and quiet as you solo queue.

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