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Best ADCs For Beginners In League of Legends

Easiest ADC For Beginners

League of Legends has approximately 139 different champions to choose from, sixteen of those are considered to be Attack Damage Carries for the bottom lane.

When first starting to play League of Legends, the amount of champions to try out can be a little overwhelming, and also figuring out who is suited for you.

This article is to help introduce new players to a few of the ADCs that are easier to learn and fun to play!

Ashe ADC


Ashe is a master archer and is Queen of the Frejlord. She was one of the first champions released in the game, meaning her kit is a bit more simple and straight-forward in comparison to newer champions. She is a great champion for beginners because her abilities are very easy to understand and to use. She is also a support-esque champion due to her also being able to stun/slow enemies.

Her abilities include her passive, Frost Shot, which make her basic auto attacks slow enemies slightly. Her Q, Ranger’s Focus, when activated, causes her attack speed to greatly increase. Her W, Volley, fires arrows in a cone, dealing damage and also slowing enemies. Her E, Hawkshot, works as a ward. Everything along its path of fire will be revealed for Ashe and her teammates for a couple of seconds. Her ultimate ability (R), Enchancted Crystal Arrow, fires a massive arrow in a straight line that will deal damage and stun all enemies hit.

Watch the Ashe Spotlight video below!

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