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Zoe: The Aspect of Twilight

Zoe The New OP Champ

Zoe: The Aspect of Twilight, had her teaser released today!

In the video below, we can observe some of her spells being used in action. Reddit user RiskyDodge’s comment on Zoe and her abilities: “She has a two cast ability, the first cast sends an orb to a target location, the second cast sends the orb either to another target location or just another direction until it hits an enemy unit/enemy champion. The first cast does no damage, the second cast does. I’m not sure if the direction of the second cast of q can be altered, or if it’s buffered with the first cast (meaning you have to predict where the enemy will be).

She has a cc ability that may require a channel to send out, definitely requires a channel to set up once gets to the target location. After the channel, the target location with set up a temporary zone that will make a champion drowsy if they walk through it. A champion that is drowsy will fall asleep after a second or two, which is a long term stun that will likely be broken if the enemy champion is damaged or cced.

She has an interesting blink, where she briefly appears at a target location after a brief animation. She then reappears at her initial location, again after a brief animation. I am unsure if the second blink is automatically timed as described, or if it is an optional second cast if you remain in the location of your first blink. Passive/Ultimate (I think it’s her passive) – she can pick up summoner spells that the enemy has used and use them for herself. Enemies drop summoner spell icons around the area they used that summoner spell, which Zoe can pick up by walking over them. Edit: It just resets her summoner spell, if she has the same type. Zoe does not drop summoner spells when she uses them.

I think her ultimate is that after she uses a summoner spell, her next 3 attacks become empowered with… something. Extra damage? Maybe she gains movement speed? Maybe she refreshes her cooldowns?”

Nothing is confirmed as of yet, but we can already tell she is going to be an extremely mobile, slippery, and fun champion!

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