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Revelation VR Headsets

Top 3 Revelation VR Headsets

VR is taking over the world as the technology is becoming more advanced and is making your VR experience almost indistinguishable from real life. Graphics are becoming more detailed and bulky wires are becoming less invasive. With all the new VR headset product lines out there in today’s market it’s difficult to navigate through all the features, marketing promotions and reviews. Plus the only navigation gamers are interested in is getting from the game console to the kitchen and back – all while saving the planet from a zombie apocalypse. So we’ve made all the difficult work easy for you and have narrowed down the best VR headsets in the industry into three categories: high end, midrange and best value. Here are the top 3 Revelation MMORPG VR Headset reviews.

The PiMAX 4K Revelation VR PC Headset features a high resolution of 3840 x 2160 weighs only .499 kg and is 7.09 (L) x 4.61 (W) x 3.54 (H). This device is super compatible with all of your media components . You can use it with your smartphone, watch your favorite music videos, watch movies with 3D theater effects or just play you favorite games in VR mode. And if you love a high resolution that’s easy on your eyes yet powerful on your sensory projections then this product is for you. The HD quality is so outstanding that this headset will leave you sleep-deprived after binging all weekend while saving the planet on your favorite video game. Not even your significant other can compete with the PiMAX 4K. At only $385.99 this product will not break you wallet, but it will leave you completely satisfied.

The GenBasic Quad HD Revelation All in One VR Headset offers a surprisingly flawless VR experience for any mid-range headset available in today’s market. The high definition 3D effects are clean and crisp with a resolution of 2560 x 1440.
This headset weighs .514 kg and measure 7.96 (L) x 4.2 (W) x 3.99 (H) inches which allows you to move around comfortable with life-like ease. The visuals, controls, resolution and all other options are top-quality grade. This all in one product actually competes with the higher-end headsets yet it comes with the mid-range price of $301.78. This is by far the best bang for your buck.

The VIULUX V1 Revelation Virtual Reality Game Headset 3D is your best option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Aside from the price the technology is first class with a mind-blowing, full HD that is so rich in quality that it will defy your senses. And for only $180.54 you can’t go wrong. What you can do is enter a whole new world of VR with 1920 x 1280 resolution levels. This headset weighs in at only .568 kg so it won’t leave you having to wear a neck brace after being holed-up all weekend in your room defending the planet from waves of alien drone attacks. At only 8.26 (L) x 4.3 (W) x 3.93 (H) inches this small package packs a powerful punch in the VR world, but not to your wallet. $180.54 is by far the best bargain for any starter level VR headset available anywhere today!

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